About Us

About Us

Welcome to Yurta Italia!

About Us

Yurta Italia is a project created by a group of Italian guys who live and work all over the world. Started as a passion, nowadays Yurta Italia is an international company which promotes the use of the Yurts as a “philosophy of life“, an alternative lifestyle in contact with the nature as a cure for body and soul.

With great passion, over the years our company has tried to constantly experiment and improve, creating together a new type of eco-sustainable structure.

We have always believed that the Yurt, despite being an “unusual house”, hides great potential in itself.

We sell our yurts all over the world: Australia, Russia, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Poland, the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Our offers

We try to offer you the best value for money to be able to guarantee quality yurts, practical and resistant, but at the same time economical and easy to assemble.

In this way we try to increase the spread of these ecological structures, inherited from the nomadic peoples of Mongolia, thus rediscovering a new way of living.

The Yurt is suitable for residential purpose and other activities, such as meditation, massages, holistic medicines or yoga, and is the perfect solution for having your own private space at low environmental and economic cost.

Our goal

Simplicity and functionality: we have tried to combine these two important aspects into a single product.

The yurt is at the same time functional but simple, resistant but light, aesthetically pleasing and welcoming, adaptable to any type of ground and climate.

Yurta Italia works every day to make this fantastic product known. One of its most important aspects is that they do not need permits to be assembled because they are not fixed to the ground and can be assembled or disassembled in a single day!