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Nature and elegance

Forms of use
Positionable and adaptable to any type of grounds.
We design accessories for an elegant design.
Our yurts are designed according to your needs.
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« We want the best for you »

Over the years, our company has tried to constantly experiment and improve our product, creating a new type of eco-sustainable good.

We immediately understood that the Yurt, despite being an unusual home, hides in itself great potential. We sell our yurts in Australia, Russia, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Poland, USA, Canada and Mexico. Are not you among these countries? Ask for a personalized quote!
our offers
« We will make your dreams come true »

Each month, in the appropriate section, we will draw for you a Yurt of any size, applying a discount of 20% from the initial price.

. In this way we try to increase the diffusion of these ecological structures, inherited from the nomadic peoples of Mongolia, thus rediscovering a new way of life.

The yurt is suitable both for residential purposes and for other activities, such as meditation or yoga, and is the perfect solution to have your own private space at low cost.
« Wellness & Mobility. »

We have tried to combine these two important aspects into one product.

The Yurt is at the same time functional but simple, durable but light, aesthetically pleasing and welcoming, adaptable to any type of terrain and climate.

Yurta Italia fights every day to make this fantastic product known. One of its most important aspects is that they do not need permits to be mounted since they have no fixed part on the ground and they can be assembled or dismantled in just one day!