The Yurt is a movable home adopted by many nomadic peoples of Asia including Mongols, Kazakhs and Uzbeks.

The advantage of this type of dwelling is that it can be dismantled, moved and assembled in a relatively short time: it is therefore well suited to a nomadic lifestyle.

Our standard yurts are made up of a cylindrical frame with a conical wooden cover and some aluminum components, to increase their strength and durability, and a cover formed by 4 layers of fabric:

Inner layer of special fabric for jacquard curtains (resistant to wear, resistant to dirt, waterproof and with a decorative function)

High quality wool felt layer (for breathability, heat preservation and sound insulation)

Transparent PVC layer (waterproof, non-toxic, odorless and resistant to UV rays)

Outer layer of special decorative PVC (anti-wear, anti-dirt, waterproof treatment, with an average life of 10 years)

The roof ends with a skylight made of PC (polycarbonate) and a stainless steel fan.

The only openings are a wooden door and an aluminum alloy window.

Available colors: White, Yellow, Blue, Red.

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