The Tipi or Tepee is the traditional home of the North American tribes of the Great Grasslands. It is an original space, very practical and welcoming, at any time of the year.

Sustainable: since a Tepee does not need foundations and is built with natural materials, it does not generate negative impacts on the planet. Thanks to its design and materials, it is a harmonious habitat for its inhabitants.

Resistant: the traditional design, the careful construction and quality materials make our tepees very resistant.

Suitable for the whole year: it has a natural ventilation system. Even in summer, if the sides are raised, it is also cooler. With a fire inside it is easy to warm up in winter and create a magical atmosphere that fascinates you!

Fully portable: like a good traditional nomad house, the Tepee is easy to dismantle, transport and install in a new place.

Durable: with proper installation and good care (and depending on weather conditions) the life of a Tepee could exceed seven years mounted at any time … and possibly much more!

Some uses: As an alternative home, accommodation for tourism projects, for events, as extra space in the garden, to celebrate ceremonies, meetings around the fire and other special activities in nature.

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