The wooden yurt is a natural, cheap, durable … with lots of charm! Recommended as a home, to create tourist accommodation, such as an activity room and many other uses. We offer the original Mongolian Yurts, built by master craftsmen with generations of experience. Our yurts are of high quality, adapted to the European climate.



The wooden yurt is the original yurt of the Mongolian tradition.

The tent is so practical and efficient that it is still a home for a large part of Mongolia’s population. 

Our wooden yurts are the result of the experience of master craftsmen who derive the whole structure from a wise use of this natural material.

Although the standard yurt is more practical and easy to assemble, the original wooden yurt remains the one with an extra charm, especially for those who believe in the spirituality of the place.

The wood yurt has a slightly reduced interior space due to the two central supports that help the structure stay solid and durable.

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